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This web site offers movie clips using the MPEG-1 format.

I would like to thank Bob Meir for giving me permission to transload these MPEG files to Tripod. His e-mail of encouragement made the 'Planet Of The Apes' pages on this site possible.

The images and background images came from Lady Oh, Draac's Gifs 123, Clipartcastle, as well as Death Warrior. Some of these images I altered at Image Magick. I would like to thank Joshua-Lee for helping me learn about Image Magick.

This site also offers WAVs and MIDIs as opposed to real audio.

The WAVs I created using an audio mixer and a Sony Plus Web TV unit. The MIDIs came from Dave's Midis, and Lycos.

The original F Key Saver was designed at Owens 4. They have the best tools. I use the Image Tailer all the time.

The original JavaScripts on this site came from John and Cathy's place, StonerNation.Com, JavaScript Source, Website Abstraction, THE JavaScript technology center,

Dr. Thaddeus Ozone and Dynamic Drive. I then combined and altered the scripts, this process took a long time. The scripts will work for both Web TV and on a computer, if your browser is capable of using JavaScript. I now have a copyright on the concept of my web site ideas.

The Web TV tricks that are included on this site were found in Web TV Newsgroups. They will only work for Web TV users. A big thank you goes to all the people at alt discuss html, and to the mystery of Lady Oh.

This just is my way of giving credit to the web sites I admire and the people I admire. I also want to thank my friends and family.

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