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WebTV Box Bug


...a bug so annoying, it gets its own web page!


WebTV users downloaded a disruptive and frustrating bug in the upgrade of summer 1998. Web pages, regardless of content, will often fail to load correctly.

This is important!

The Box Bug is not the same as a WebTV JS Bug!

A sure indicator The Box Bug has struck: title text, is seen in the status bar and a lot of pages do not view properly or do not work at all.

If your using a WebTV box and see 'WebTV Box Bug' in gold letters in your status bar at the bottom of your TV screen, you have The Box Bug.

Your WebTV Box is not damaged! Many MsnTV users have had this trouble before.

Save this page in one of your WebTV/MSN TV favorites folders, so you will know when The Box Bug happens again. (Press the 'Save' button on your WebTV Keyboard, or 'Options' button then 'save'.)

  • Unplug your WebTV box from your electrical outlet. (Do not log out first.)

  • After two minutes, plug in your WebTV Box back into your electrical outlet.

  • Some WebTV boxes make clicking or grinding sounds, this is good, wait till this is done.

  • Once your WebTV box is done making this sound, power on your your WebTV box, (Green 'Web' Button) 'Web Home' and login as usual.

  • Go in your WebTV/MSN TV favorites folder, and find where you saved this page.

  • This page should load differently. You will then experience more with MsnTV than ever before.

  • This should not be confused with 'The Infamous WebTV Bug'.

  • If you do not see 'WebTV Box Bug' in gold letters in the status bar on the bottom of your TV screen, Click here.

  • If your using a WebTV or MsnTV Viewer on your computer or Mac, simply load this page with a different browser that is javascript enabled.